ARFO Construction Company Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of ARFO Group of Companies Limited. An indigenous company with interest in diversified concerns. Prior to the inception of the company in 1991,it operated as the construction and engineering arm of KAU International Nigeria Limited, as far back as 1983. With a very rapid growth in turnover and volume of projects, it became imperative for ease of management and convenience, to incorporate ARFO Construction Company Nigeria Limited, to deal essentially on the construction and engineering works. In its early years, operations were limited to basic construction works but due to rapid growth and the increasing complexities of projects being undertaken by the company, and the need for further expansion in operations both in core and ancillary services, the company went into technical assistance agreement with UNECA S.A of Cuba and EuroAsphalt of France, both are major players in construction industry; one in Europe and the other in Cuba. With the assistance offered by these multinational partner companies, ARFO capability to execute major projects in the construction industry was considerably enhanced.


Arfo Construction Company Nigeria Limited is a leading player in the Construction and Engineering sub-sector of the Nigerian Economy. The company is engaged principally in construction and vicil engineering works; its concption is totally indigenous, with multinational work force, bring together a wealth of experience and technical know-how to bear on its operations.


Arfo is driven by vision to build excellence and superior performance in its operations, with a Corporate objective geared toward the development of the environment and infrastructure of the benefit of manking, Through civil engineering and construction.


The Company draws its strength from a crop of competent and skilled workforce in the field of engineering and construction management sciences. Over the yeards, Arfo has invested in education, training and the general personal development of its manpower, which is its most valued resource. Against this background, staff welfare is a paramount issue in Arfo and the company provides enabling environment for the Attainment of its corporate goals while aiding its employees to achieve thier individual goals within the organization's framework. Apart from the basic motivational inputs, the Company maitains a safety policy which is aimed at avoiding hazards and imparting training on safety methods and regulations to workers. In the pursuit of adequate health standard, the company also retains the services of good clinics towards meeting the medical needs of its workforce.


Over the years, Arfo has built up a high level of expertise and a deep understanding of the construction and engineering needs in Nigeria and the role technology can play. Arfo exploits techonology advancement to improve its overall productivity, level of service and competitiveness. The company parades some of the best in technology needs of a modern construction company. The company is fully automated in operations and also totally computerised to meet its operational and information Technology needs in order to offer unparralled quality services to its growing clientele in the new millenium


Arfo Contruction Company Nigeria Limited, has become synonymous with good quality service and has demonstrated a commitment to being the best in all that is does. The company is doubly alive to its social responsibilities and prepared to meet the challenges of the future


In pursuance of the Health and Safety at work Act of 1975, the following shall be adopted by Arfo and shall have effect on every person employed by the joint venture and each worker shall accept his/her responsibilities in accordance with the act, the regulations controlling the industry and this safety Policy as far as it is reasonably practical


In pursuance of the Environment Protection Act 1990, the Environmental protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991, and the controlled waste Regulations 1991, the following policy shall be adopted by Arfo Construction It shall have effect on every person employed by the joint venture and each worker shall accept his/her responsibilities in accordance with the Act, the Regulations controlling the industry and this Environmental Policy as far as it is reasonably practical.