A talented Manager of men and materials, he had his tutelage in the United Kingdom where he worked in various management capacities for over 18years. His leadership and management style has transformed ARFO Construction Company Nigeria Limited into a leading corporate firm among the indigenous construction companies. He has a capacity for superior risk taking which has moved the company forward to its current enviable status. He is evangelical leader, with vision, aggressiveness and humane approach to all aspects of corporate life of the company, Alhaji Baba Shehu Shettima looks forward to “achieving many more positive results for the growth of organisation in the 21st century”.


Alhaji Baba Shehu Shettima is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ARFO Construction Company Nigeria Limited. He is the head of the company’s management team with responsibility of providing the vision, strategic direction and the formulation of corporate policies and procedures for the company. He obtained a Higher National Diploma in Business Management from Gwent College of Higher Education in the United Kingdom. He later attended Glomorgan Institute of Higher Education, where he undertook a post graduate course leading to the award of Graduate Diploma in Business Management.